Travis Heights Art Trail Literary Coffeehouse: Grendel’s Mother and her Friends

I’ll be reading from and signing copies of Grendel’s Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife and Home Front Girl: A Diary of Love, Literature, and Growing Up in Wartime America at the beautiful Fairview B&B.  This is a new part of the annual Travis Heights Art Trail, a fantastic arts pilgrimage you can take in the most lively neighborhood of Austin, Texas. Well, I would say that. I admit I’m biased.  My favorite folks live in the neighborhood!


You can look at the schedule for the readings if you want to seek out someone special or download it here: literary-schedule. I’ll be speaking Sat., November 7th at noon and Sunday, Nov. 8th, at 1:30 p.m.

The Literary Coffeehouse will be stationed at the most beautiful home in Travis Heights: the elegant Fairview Bed & Breakfast at 1304 Newning run by the charming couple, Vivian and Jimi Ballard. It was just chosen by the Austin American-Statesman Critics as the Best New B&B.


The gorgeous Fairview Bed and Breakfast. Totally elegant, totally friendly, totally Austin. Here are directions. This is where our event will be held.

The amazing Laura Cottam Sajbel has let us know where the speakers will be stationed.  While book sales will be set up on the front porch, across from coffee and bakery item sales (YUM!), readings will be around the side of the Fairview, under a live oak, with readers standing on the back porch. Laura is a terrific author herself and will be reading from her new book, Pow Wows and Potlucks: Finding An American Indian Community in Los Angeles (Ethnographics Press, 2015). I’m delighted to be joining her for this event and appreciate all her hard work that went into helping organize it along with many others.

I’m also especially delighted about this event because my delightful new colleague at Texas State University, Cecily Parks, has agreed to read as well.

My new colleague at Texas State University, Cecily Parks

My new colleague at Texas State University, Cecily Parks

Her award-winning poetry will just thrill your soul. You can read more about Cecily if you scroll down on this page.

Cecily's most recent, awarding-winning, book.

Cecily’s most recent book of verse.

I hope you can join us on either Saturday, November 7, or Sunday, November 8, for this fabulous, neighborly, and family-friendly event.


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