“I was Bigfoot’s Love Slave” and Esquire’s “Beowulf”

When I was in graduate school in the 1980s, my housemates and I couldn’t resist buying a National Enquirer with the cover story “I was Bigfoot’s Love Slave.” We kept it on our coffee table all through graduate school to regale our fellow students with the craziness of life while we graded undergraduate papers, devoured Spenser, and poured over Middle High German. I felt a similar daft joy today on seeing the first episode of the Esquire channel’s Beowulf (ITV in England). Delicious silliness.

My husband and I enjoyed the Justin Bieber haircuts (in the 5th century!).

What product does Slean use?

What really got me thinking about Bigfoot and his love slave, was the plot about Grendel and Elvina, an Anne Hathaway lookalike.  Just check it out here:

Can you tell which one is Anne Hathaway and which is Laura Donnelly as Elvina?

Grendel gently grunts over Elvina after he has captured her.

Touching galoot of a Grendel

Touching galoot of a Grendel

Sadly, Elvina is no longer Grendel’s love slave after Beowulf rescues her with his pal, Breca (Beowulf fans know who he is!).

The ads are also indicative: dating apps/services; Hair Club for Men; cologne; Jim Beam; and Pizza. What audience could possibly be targeted?

I need to go get me some Jim Beam and pizza.  Can’t wait for the next deliciously silly installment!

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