Blog Tour Recap: Grendel’s Mother Getting Over Jet Lag

Grendel’s Mother has just arrived home from her Virtual Blog Tour. She still has jet lag but managed to put this post together about her reviews, essays, and interviews on her whirlwind tour.


A stop on Grendel's Mother's blog tour

A stop on Grendel’s Mother’s blog tour

“Overall, this story is about friendship, love, loss, and redemption. The message of this book is that there is always hope….I found this story to an emotional and poignant read. I loved reading Brimhild’s journey and wished for her to find her happiness. I found the writing to be very beautiful and lyrical. I also liked how the setting was set in the Anglo-Saxon world, and I loved how Norse mythology was incorporated into the story. Grendel’s Mother is sure to linger with you even after you have finished the last page. I recommend this story to anyone interested in reading a different take on the classic, Beowulf, Norse Mythology, and anyone who enjoys reading stories about a mother’s love for her son.”

Lauralee Jacks, History from a Woman’s Perspective: A Book Blog


Guest Blog Post at Just One More Chapter

Why historical fiction and not history? Why fiction and not non-fiction? How do you identify with characters from the past?


chickheaderTee hee!

Loki and Thor: Tom Hiddleston and Chris Helmsworth

Loki and Thor: Tom Hiddleston and Chris Helmsworth

“I loved the imagery of this story. I also loved the tales of the Gods, Thor, Odin and Loki and their antics. The only problem with that for me was that every time there was a mention of Loki, I thought about Tom Hiddleston and Chris Helmsworth.”

A Chick Who Reads

I’m ok with them starring in the movie version…..

This child's story: IN RUNES!

This child’s story: IN RUNES!



Guest Post at A Literary Vacation

What books do you like that take a well-known story or myth, but presents it from the point of view of a woman?



Review at Impressions in Ink

“There are several reasons I have given Grendel’s Mother 5 stars for excellent.A beautiful love story.… I read aloud some of Grendel’s Mother. I’d read silently through the first page before realizing the writing style had a particular cadence reminding me of poetry.”

I was captivated by the prose….I am most excited about the chance to use Grendel’s Mother alongside Beowulf and The Prose Edda: Tales from Norse Mythology for my kids’ Great Books/History homeschool curriculum. I think they will appreciate the feminist story in contrast to the very masculine originals.  I also think they will appreciate the examination of feminine life during the period. Grendel’s Mother is definitely a book that I will be recommending to any of my friends who enjoy historical fiction. I think it will appeal to anyone who enjoys Norse or Germanic tales, historical fiction in general and epic tales. I am already feeling the need to reread both Grendel’s Mother and Beowulf very soon.

Read the entire review here

Read the entire review here

“By giving us the tale from the female perspective, she has managed to put a completely different spin on it for me. Her beautiful mastery of the language has brought the characters to life for me. These strong women truly were the steel backbone of the society.”
From One Book Shy

“This book offers up this infamous story from a new perspective. What’s more, and my favourite aspect I think, is that it does so utilizing the devices and tools that characterize the original poem….

[O]verall the use of alliteration, epithets, and kenning was beautifully crafted. The tone and style are somewhat alien, especially for a modern reader, but I feel that this is actually working to set the scene and rhythm of a historical space that is very alien to the one we inhabit. Even more importantly that rhythm and tone is consistent throughout and that lets the reader settle into a world that the language patterns and tone, as much as anything else, create. All in all a definite, recommended read!”

From Seize the Words

Now that Grendel’s Mother is back from her tour, she’ll unpack, relax, and prepare for further adventures!

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