Book Award Finalist

Delighted to be chosen as a finalist in Adult Fiction

Grendel’s Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife (Top Hat Books, 2015) has been selected as a 2016 Wishing Shelf Book Award finalist in the category of Adult Fiction.

‘A fascinating look at the life of Grendel’s mother. Powerfully written and enchanting.’  The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Here are some comments by readers for the award.

‘Absolutely fascinating. I enjoyed the original Beowulf; this has added a whole new angle to it. Well-written too with a fab cover.’ Male reader, aged 54

‘This is truly excellent. A range of complex characters framed in a richly written text. The author’s vision of Grendel’s mother is powerful, pulling the reader in. The plot is complex, often graphically written. I very much enjoyed it.’ Female reader, aged 41

‘Mythology is ever-present in this fantastical tale of Grendel’s mother. Going way beyond the poem, this well-written story brings life to this character, so much so, she’s almost the hero.’ Male reader, aged 73

‘Brimhild from childhood all the way to her demise. Fascinating. An excellent book to have in any college/university library. The classical language style also works well for a book of this nature set so long ago.’ Male reader, aged 55

‘I was thoroughly enchanted by this.’ Male reader, aged 68

This book has been a blessing! Thank you, Beowulf author[s], whoever you were!

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