Old English Risotto and Grendel’s Dinner for One

The head peaceweaver, Rachel

Old English Risotto and Grendel’s Dinner for One? Such is the daily fare of the humble Old English professor.

My student, Rachel, wove a space of peace at the beginning of class in our “meadhall”. She served lamb cooked in berries, whole wheat pancakes (barley was not available), and fresh berries.

Rachel poured mead (well, apple juice) into our cups as she urged us to make boasts. I got a “gold” ring for boasting that I would do my grading.

A golden ring for my boasting to finish grading

Here is a video of how Rachel made her food. With ambient medieval music!

Lauren barley pearls (Old English risotto!)

Lauren made an Old English risotto out of barley pearls and bacon. You can use bacon bits just like in the pre-Conquest period 😉






Stephen is a wood burner who created this gorgeous linden wood plaque commemorating Grendel’s arm.

Cheyenne’s amazing artwork depicting my favorite scene from Grendel’s Mother!

Cheyenne created this lovely work inspired by Grendel’s Mother. The scene is when Brimhild conquers Beowulf with her menstrual blood.

And Alisa made an Old English cookbook, replete with snacks for Grendel 😉

Grendel’s Dinner for One: Drunken Men with a Side of Rage


  • Two intoxicated warriors, fermented overnight
  • 3 cups of fresh blood
  • 20 fingers, chopped
  • 4 arms, filleted
  • 4 legs, boiled


  • Literally swallow all of it in one bite.
  • Enjoy!

Sounds yummy to me!

Jessica’s poster pays tribute to two powerful virgins–Beowulf and Judith.

While Josh made coats of arms for the Danes and Geats. As he writes, “As Tolkien had done with words, I endeavored to do with art.” Great idea!

One student had us play of play of fate or wyrd. I hope you don’t get “A dragon attacks your kingdom.” You might “feel, forever to be known as a coward.”

Another student made sculptures of the dragon and Beowulf in a helmet.

The dragon is pretty cute!

One favorite was devoted to Old English Film Loglines. I want to see Judith Unchained!

Other works cannot be shown, but include a Bruce Lee version of the fighting virgin, Juliana; the story from Beowulf’s point of view in a Lovecraftian homage; and a Blaxploitation version with Heorot as a brothel called The Bone House.

While I miss the doughty thegns and peaceweavers of my class from last year, I currently have some wonderful new ones this semester! I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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