My Amazing Students, Part 3: Poignant Music and a Beowulf Adaptation

My students never fail to amaze me–with their creativity, brilliance, and insight. Here is Kayleigh’s adaptation of the Old English The Wanderer to the music of Scarborough Fair.

Kayleigh also did a wonderful version of Beowulf, findable at Soundcloud. It is called Beowulf–A Condensed Epic. Please listen–it’s beautiful!  Kayleigh’s lyrics are:

A demon with a snake’s green eye
Has sent too many men to die
And Beowulf sails to their aid
Hence Grendel’s life is sure to end

And in the night with shroud of sleep
Grendel’s evil comes to keep
His reign of terror beckoning
But Beowulf has other plans

And Beowulf does take his arm
As Grendel dies, his honor scorned
His mother weeps her tears of blood
She promises her son avenged

When poor Aschere receives her claws
The hero and his men are off
He kills the hag and Denmark lives
The ocean breeze sends heroes home

When Geatland’s great King Hygelac
Dies when the Schlyfings do attack
Then Beowulf reigns fifty years
On borrowed time, on just a loan

A dragon does forsake his land
And Beowulf and twelve scared men
Take valiant hold of their own fates
And go to fight the beast at hand

But only one of hero’s men
Dear Wiglaf helps him succeed
Release the dragon of its soul
But Beowulf was bitten then

And hence our Beowulf expires
They bury him, their fear his fire
Their future does remain thus bleak
Without their champion to speak.


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