My Amazing Students, Part 4: Old English Environmental Concerns–Can You Guess the Riddle?

My student, Turney, took the Old English riddle form and turned it into a plea for protecting the environment. Along the way, he created these beautiful images of Texas wildlife and nature. See for yourself!

One man’s heaven is another man’s hell
It’s final depth is unknown
Many species have not grown
Until the adventurer’s ring the bell
with a glorious story to tell

I seek to discover the inner space of caves,
the dark depths at the thermocline of lakes,
cracks at seas where the world shakes,
oceans underneath the highest waves,
through rivers where no one behaves.

I am not here to destroy
I am here to protect
Without me there is no generation next
Sustainability is what I employ,
and I will pass it onto my future boy

Without me there is no waste that we shall see
We have polluted our waters
For our next generation’s fathers
I will show you the disease
of the plastic in our seas

Have no fear my friend
We are together as one,
for the revolution has just begun
All I want is to amend
these waters that are a godsend

Have human’s become the devil’s inside?
Aquatic animals are calling out a cry
Some with no water become dry
It is time to decide
before we commit a global suicide

Who am I?

Thank you for speaking out for our global home!

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